It is among the most significant and proven technology advances in offset printing in the last five years: highly automated sheetfed presses with built-in LED-UV instant curing dryers.

For print businesses, the new press technology translates to quicker delivery of finished print to customers, lower total cost of production and higher per-job profitability versus presses without LED-UV drying systems.

Ryobi LED-UV presses have become the new global standard in offset print production today, and only Ryobi provides an LED-UV instant curing system already configured into its 2-, 6- and 8-up presses. No other major German or Japanese offset press manufacturer markets a press with LED-UV instant cure.

Detailed technical and ROI presentations of Ryobi LED-UV presses—together with samples of Ryobi LED-UV cured print on a variety of substrates—will be showcased at the Print UV 2014 Conference in Las Vegas, Mar 2-4, at the Wynn Resort Las Vegas. The annual Print UV conference is the world’s most authoritative and comprehensive forum on UV technology in print.

Officials from Graphic Systems North America will spotlight the capabilities, cost-savings and new profit opportunities of Ryobi LED-UV presses at the conference. Detailed videos of the new 8-up Ryobi 920 series LED-UV press running at full production will be shown as well.

GSNA is the exclusive Ryobi press distribution, service and parts network in the U.S. and Canada—and a Platinum Sponsor of Print UV 2014.

Ryobi and Panasonic exclusively developed LED-UV curing technology for offset printing. Ryobi LED-UV presses are now used daily at more than 90 printing companies worldwide.

Ryobi-branded LED-UV presses carry the full manufacturer’s warranty—and are among the most technically advanced, reliable and easiest-to-use.

“Printers attending the Print UV Conference in Las Vegas will see examples of ‘extreme quality’ print now available from Ryobi LED-UV presses,” said Don Barbour, co-founder of GSNA and owner of Paper Handling Solutions, Marietta, GA. “This print is produced at a low total-cost-per-job, with environmental advantages that are unmatched.”

The latest installation of a Ryobi LED-UV press: successful Montreal trade printer Imprimeire Reflet is now operating a new five-color, 8-up RYOBI 925 LED-UV. Co-owner Pierre Methot said the new curing system enables him to run his press full out at 16,200 sph to produce high value print on a wide variety of substrates, including plastics, films and folding cartons.

With Ryobi LED-UV presses, the economics are compelling and well established. They have extensive automation that enables a single operator to produce highly complex jobs of any run length. LED-UV curing saves 80% in power consumption and energy costs versus conventional UV dryers. That alone can save tens of thousands of dollars in annual power costs for a mid-size commercial printer.

LED-UV lamps quickly adjust to paper size and yield more than 15 times the lifespan of conventional lamps.  Importantly, the LED lamps put absolutely no heat on the printed sheet, sharply reduce CO2 emissions and eliminate ozone and fumes. They require no spray powders or other chemicals, and eliminate the need for ducting.

Superior customer service and reduced production costs equal superior profitability of print

In the end, it’s profitability that counts most.  Ryobi LED-UV presses translate to higher profit per job versus presses with conventional “hot” UV drying. Among the reasons:

• High value, high-quality print across a wide variety of substrates;

• Delivery times shortened by one day or more;

• Deep reductions in pressman labor, substrate usage, substrate waste, aluminum, blankets, chemicals plus significantly reduced energy and emissions per job.

With instant cure of print, nothing else is required before finishing and delivery to the customer. Ryobi LED-UV presses also provide printers with the best practices in print manufacturing as well as important environmental advances.

Ryobi and Panasonic’s LED-UV technology was awarded Japan’s “Nippon Brand Prize” at the 39th Machine Design Award competition in 2009.  It was also named a top new press technology at the 2013 Canadian Printing Awards.

For more information, contact your GSNA Ryobi printing expert in your area. Individuals from each company are available to discuss any aspect of Ryobi and its LED-UV instant cure technology.